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Organic Sugar-Free Hand-Crafted Gourmet Marmalades and Jams

for the very finest in quality

strawberry jam with cinnamonchocolate strawberry jamnavel orange marmaladeblood orange marmaladeripe lime marmalademeyer lemon marmalade


Jams: Strawberry, Strawberry with Cinnamon, Chocolate Strawberry, Strawberry Champagne, Apricot, Apricot Cardamom, Santa Rose Plum, Raspberry Pear, Pear Apple, Apple Pie, Peach, Peach Lavender (see home page for current flavors)

  • 5 oz         $4.99
  • 7.25 oz    $6.99
  • 11 oz      $9.99

Marmalades: Blood Orange, Navel Orange, Valencia Orange, Mimosa (orange & champagne) Sangria (with wine), Meyer Lemon, Ripe Lime, Kumsquat, Grapefruit, Lemon (see home page for current flavors)

  • 5.5 oz      $4.99
  • 8 oz        $6.99
  • 12 oz      $9.99
  • Have a special request? We can create whatever you like. Call us at (805) 455-9919
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